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This is where we are building a hangar. It is located on the Lackloy Airstrip, and adjacent to the float pond. While it is Ray's hanger, it is being built to ISECCo's needs. We will use the hanger as a shop for ISECCo projects. The house over the hangar will be used to house ISECCo volunteers. Right now, however, the hangar is not much more than a hole in the ground.

To find the hangar site head south from Fairbanks (on the Richardson Highway). Take the first Badger Road exit. Go a few miles (sorry description lacks exact mileage!) to Holmes Rd. Turn right on Holmes and go about half a mile to Dennis. Turn left and go to Stohl, which is just past the roller rink. Turn right on Stohl. Almost immediately the road T's. Turn left, and take the first right (which is Airline, but is currently--5/97--unlabeled). Go about half a mile. We are on the left, with a 500 gallon tank on a stand about the middle of the lot. There is likely to be a yellow Super Cub, and a white Citabria parked on the lot. Of course, Ray or Matt may be out flying, so one of the planes may be missing!

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