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January 28, 1989

ISECCo Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Members

7:20 Meeting called to order. Ray R. Collins, President, presiding.

Members present (despite temperatures below -50 F):
Ray R. Collins, Robert Hale III, Kelly Wilkinson, Marilynn Rowley, Gene Rowley

Proxy's received:

Joe Beckenback, Jenine Abarbanel, Rich Kline, Debi Wilkinson, Larry Klaes

Previous minutes reviewed.

Old business:
Discussion re: Adding members via space digest.
Discussion re: Repeat of Logo; possibly Leonardo's design

Treasurer's report read and accepted:
Total Donations: $1156.37
14 Newsletters: 70.00
2 Prj Desc reports: 4.00
Total: $1,230.37

Office/Administration: $404.19
Newsletter: 0.00
Biosphere: 517.25
Postage & Handling: 52.69
Aerospace Plane Research: 0.00
Public Relations: 71.75
Total Expenses: $1,045.88

Labor donation estimated at 600 man-hours.

Aproximate gross gain (including labor) for 1989: $6,000.

New business:

Opened floor for nominations for General Director. Robert Hale sole Nominee. Vote for Robert Hale: 10 for, 0 opposed.

Bylaws reviewed.

Motion moved, seconded and passed that Bylaws be accepted as written.

Motion moved, seconded and passed that the expire dates on all the Bylaw Articles shall be 10 years from date of last modification.

Review of past year's Accomplishments.

ISECCo obtained State of Alaska non-profit certificate.

IRS has not yet responded on tax-exemption.

Letter to IRS dated 1/7/89 read & discussed.

Decision made to call again around mid-Febuary.

Hydroponics construction: preliminary work well


Necessary forms designed and printed.

Information sheets/pamphlets written.

Formal organization of ISECCo completed (baring tax-

exempt status).

Computer program to keep track of members about half written.

Preliminary Aero-space plane discussions begun.

Preliminary advertising campaign begun.

Establishment of important communications channels via computer networks.

Preliminary regional co-ordinator's duty described.

Membership increased from about 8 to 43.

Support of employees discussed

IRS dis-allows housing

Need copy of code: task force assigned to Gene to check Geophysical policy in room & board.

Decision made to investigate tax-exempt employment

Task force assigned to Ray to carry out investigation.

Methods of volunteer worker support discussed:
sub-contracting of employees
hire at minimum wage
co-operative set-up

Hydroponics past & future discusion.

Aero-space plane past & future discussion.

Summer projects & personell discussion:

Personel scheduled to arrive:
Debi Wilkinson from Florida; 2 weeks labor in May
Rich Kline from Florida; 2 weeks labor in May
Jenine Abarbanel from California; summer
Gina Walton {possibly}
People availabe for part-time work (all summer):
Ray Collins
Kelly Wilkinson
Pat Wilkinson
Gene Rowley (through late June)
Marilyn Rowley (through late June)
Robert Hale
People who might be available occasionally:
Robert Hubby
Dwight Hales
Richard Guse
Terry Fike
JJ Bielshi
Robert Miller

Probable man-hours available (5/1 to 9/30): 2,000+

Volunteer worker housing available for 6 people
Living accomidations:
Rowley's trailer: 2
Pat Wilkinson mobile home: 2
Ray Collins cabin: 2
Ray: moose meat
Kelly: possibly some buffalo
General: fishing, garden

Funding currently pledged for summer '89: $1,350

Primary goals:
-build hydroponics to 25% of total needed
-begin biosphere construction
-continue membership expansion
-persue IRS re: tax status
-investigate/apply for grants

Sailboat trip/prize discussed.

Lack of secretary discussed--8 hours/week required.

Computer networks expansion discussed.

Long Range goals discussed.

Motion to adjourn moved, seconded and passed at 10:30 pm.

* * * * * * * * * *

Post-meeting discussion on land donation:

Marilyn & Gene Rowley have a piece of land of about 6.9

acres which they are willing to donate the lease of to ISECCo to

be used for the construction of the biosphere. The lease would

be for a 15 year period.

Problems we discussed (and which need addressing):

1. How to retain use of the land in the event that the Rowley's lose title.

2. How to arrange the termination of the lease (note: the biosphere is a structure which it will be quite impossible to move to another location):

a. If ISECCo done with the biosphere do we give it to the Rowley's?

b. Purchase the land & buildings from the Rowley's?

c. Rowley's purchase the biospehere from ISECCo?

3. Location on the land for the biosphere such that it will not interfer with the use of the land by the Rowley's.

4. Assuring a steady flow of money to the morgager of the land in the event of any kind of catastrophic loss by the Rowley's.

5. Means of spreading Rowley's payment burden:

reduction in interest rates; ISECCo making a small cash

contribution some time in the future; other means.

* * * * * * * * * *

Any of you who haven't yet joined and are interested do get in

touch with us. Our minimum membership is only $5 for an entire decade.

Anyone who wants to join can just send Robert, FNRJH@ALASKA, a note on

here and we'll send you a letter with the information we'll need.

Alternatively you can write ISECCo, P.O. Box 60885, Fairbanks, AK 99706.

--Ray :: President, ISECCo