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Photos by Ray R. Collins, taken August 3, 2002

Roll #08-A

Each photo is linked to a high resolution image which is between 250 and 500 KB (so may be slow to load if you have a slow connection).

1. Cabbage, cauliflower in the foreground; tomatoes
in the middle, and wheat in the near background and peas
against the far wall (much more visible in the enlarged photo).

2. This photo shows most of the NE 12 by 12 foot (4 by 4 meter)
crop area. Most of this area was planted in wheat, which failed

3. Looking toward the NW 12 by 12 crop area. The NE area
is to the right; the SW area is to the left. The SW crop
area is planted exclusively in potatoes. From the left corner
of the NE crop area (clockwise), are broccoli, beans, carrots,
turnips, and in the lower center onions.

4. The SW 12 by 12 crop area. Our potatoes are doing very nicely!

5. In the SE area, which will be a crop area eventually,
we put a couple 1.5 foot by 6 foot trays. The one in the
background has wheat growing in it; the one in the foreground
has lettuce to the left (south) and wheat to the right. Between
there is spinach. In the background are several pots of broccoli
and cauliflower, with the potatoes in the SW crop area behind them.

6. Our lettuce is really good! Note the heating fins to the left.

7. Out carrot spot. Onions to the bottom of the photo; turnips
to the top. beans on the left...

8. Onions are doing very nicely. Potatoes and onions, anyone?

9. The northern half of the NW crop area. Carrots to the bottom left;
turnips to the top right; beans to the top left. Cauliflower to the bottom
right. Peas are along the back wall; the sticks there are for them to

10. The bean spot.

11. Wow! A 4 pound broccoli. The knife in the middle is 4" long.

12. Broccoli in a pot. The potted plants didn't do quite as well as those
growing in the crop areas, with the exception of the wheat.

13. Wheat in a box.

14. Potatoes in the SW crop area. At this point (2 months after
planting) have a closed canopy.

15. Our spice plants: mint, basil and lemon spice.

16. Our cabbage is doing very nicely.

17. Looking toward the NE crop area. Along the back wall (to the
center & left of the photo) are peas; just in front of the peas area
are beans. The rest of the area was planted in wheat, which had a
poor germination and those that did germinate grew very poorly (it
really is too cool in Alaska to grow wheat very well).

18. We haven't put dirt in the SE crop area yet. But we did plant
pots and trays in the area so it wasn't completely unused. In the
background to the right half of the photo is the living area. In
the center left (just at the top of the photo) is our (incomplete)
breaker panel.

19. Looking across the SW crop area at the NE crop area. The unit
heat (hooked by chain to the ceiling to help support it) is visible
in the top right; various water lines are evident; wire is up for
the peas to climb in the NE crop area (along the wall); the boardwalk
of the potatoes looks mostly overgrown (across the lower right corner
of the photo).

20. Looking east along the north wall of Mars Base Zero. Beans in
the foreground; peas along the wall; turnips in the center. The
garden hose in the background is the supply line coming from the
neighbors, who very generously supply us with our water (not to
mention the place to build on!) N wall is incomplete; it is only
covered with plastic right now. Eventually it will have plywood and
then a layer of fiber re-enforced resin.

21. Beans in the right foreground; turnips to the left and carrots
in the middle. This is the NW crop area.

22. Peas, anyone? They are not doing real well; perhaps not enough
sun, being in the very back. The fence in back is for them to climb.

23. Pardon the mess! The Mars Base Zero kitchen. The globe is of
the moon; anyone care to donate a Martian globe? Just below the
globe is the refridgerator.

24. The east half of the kitchen, showing the door into Mars Base
Zero from the "airlock" (really just an arctic entry). The kitchen
area is only 7.5 feet wide, but when two of us were living there we
found it comefortable.

Copyright February 2003