Mars Base Zero Photos
May, 2004

1. Square D, all planted in potatoes.  The board is to access the crop
without walking on the soil.  Sticks marke the locations of each seed potato.


2. Square E is all plowed and ready to plant.

3. Square B: first the heat pipes go down so we can heat the soil from
below, in case we want to grow warm weather crops, keep operating in
the winter or just speed things up in the spring.

4. Square B.  The bricks are to contain the soil, and keep it out of

neighboring plots.  Three bricks high at 8" per brick is 24", though we
won't quite fill it full of dirt for now.

5.  Square B.  The heat pipes along the wall are nearly down in the
soil; hope that doesn't cause problems!

6. Square B is lined with plastic to keep the water from draining out.

7. Square B is lined with plastic to keep the water from draining out.

8. Sand is hauled into square B; it will serve as a place for excess water
to drain, and if necessary we can pump it out.

9. Ready for dirt.

10.  A bucket in the corner, to get water down into the sand and to
monitor water level, and act as a place to pump water out if the soil gets
too waterlogged.

11.  Yep--4 inches of sand.

12.  The dirt starts going in.

13. Frankie gets another wheelbarrel of dirt.

14.  One shovel at a time...

15.  Ray hauls the dirt up & over the outside wall and into square B.

16.  Dumping the dirt in square B.

17.  Up and over the wall.

18.  It is a struggle to keep the wheelbarrow from tipping prematurely.

19.  Dumping the dirt into square B.

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