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We got started on our 1999 garden during the middle of May. Ken, one of our newest members, was kind enough to rototill it for us (our old rototiller has finally died). This year we plowed the entire garden, though there is some doubt about having enough water to keep it up (the well has died and we are now buying water for the house).

The goal for the garden this year is primarily to supplement Mars Base 0 productivity. Because we can not yet plant Mars Base 0 we are beginning our planting in the garden. This will work for the first 3 weeks (starting May 23), by which time we will have areas in Mars Base 0 ready to plant. We will use the (hopefully large) surplus to feed the chickens and fish, since these critters are not considered a part of the Mars Base 0 experiment.

During Workfest '99 we got a good part of the garden planted.

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