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Extreme Environment Greenhouse Operation

by Ray R. Collins

This was an independent study class I designed myself, and learned it under the direction of Dr. Patricia Holloway. Integral to this class were two primary features: attending Pat's UAF Greenhouse Management class and running Mars Base Zero, which is a semi-closed ecological life support system. In general this class was built around 6 factors:

I.                    Care and maintenance of Mars Base Zero including planting, watering, weeding, pest control, data logging, temperature maintenance and all the other factors involved in running a greenhouse at temperatures down to minus 60 F.

        Diary, covering 1/1/00 to 3/9/00

        Planting schedule & growth results

        Problems and Solutions

II.                 Analysis of the soil, plants and atmosphere for nutrients and toxins.

III.               CO2 monitoring and experiments

IV.              Food supplies and considerations

        Food list of the foods purchased on 1/1/00 for a 4 month stay in Mars Base Zero

1.      Table of foods, with starting amounts, ending amounts and calculations of amount eaten.

        Water usage approximations

        Human nutritional considerations in the design of a closed ecosystem for life support

        Foods eaten and dietary analysis for 3/20-4/30 (primarily as a method of demonstrating how the dietary analysis works)

V.                 Composting

VI.              Putting the class notes from Greenhouse Management on the world wide web.


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